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The members of staff at our ten refectories prepare delicious, healthy meals at low prices for students, university members and guests at lunchtime on Mondays to Fridays. We serve about 1.5 million meals every year.

These services are complemented by our cafeterias, which offer snacks, hot and cold drinks and small meals all day long.

The planning office for university catering handles the more general tasks like building and redevelopment projects, activities affecting all the refectories or complaints management for the refectories and cafeterias.

The large refectories are supervised by refectory managers; team leaders are responsible for the operating business and the event service at the smaller refectories.

Wolfgang Hospach

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Stab­stelle Planung Hochschul­gastronomie
Zuständig für
  • Planungen im Bereich Mensen & Cafeterien
  • Beschwerde­management
+49 7071 / 29-73866

Ulrich Brand

Assistent Hochschulgastronomie
Zuständig für
  • Ansprech­partner für Mensen in Albstadt, Sigmaringen, Rottenburg und Trossingen
  • Planung im Bereich Hochschulgastronomie
+49 7071 / 29-73850